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Name:Yu-Gi-Oh DM fanworks
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Welcome to ygo_fanworks, a community for the posting of fan-works (fanfiction, fanart, icons, fanvids, and anything else you might come up with) for the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, meaning the core manga, R, DM anime, Toei, Capsule Monsters, the movies, but not GX and 5Ds (unless it's as a crossover). Gen, het, slash, femmslash are all welcome. :)

To post fanfic, please use a header that looks something like this:

Rating: (use one of the common rating systems or something self-explanatory)
Disclaimer: (I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh and make no money with this and all that)
Warnings (if applicable): (please warn for common triggers and squicks, or, if you don't want to warn for some reason, warn for the fact that you don't warn)

Feel free to add any information you want (such as word count, author notes). Spoiler warnings are not required (unless they're spoilers for another, newer series), so if you haven't seen the whole series, tread carefully.

Use a similar header for fanart and fanvids.

Please put any story that's over a hundred words long or not G/K-rated, as well as all fanart/fanvids/icon post with more than three icons under a cut. Also, please use the "Explicit Adult Content" warning for anything NC-17/MA rated.

We're going to have weekly themed rec-posts, but recs are very much welcome outside of that; just use the same header for them, and add a line for the author's name and one where you say why you're reccing the story/art/whatever. Please don't repost fanart that isn't your own, unless you have the artist's permission; just link to it instead.

Comments, including constructive criticism, are encouraged, so if you don't want any criticism, please say so. No flaming, however.

If you have any question you can post them here.
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